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    5 ft. 11 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


I'm always very direct and straight forward, I am not here for games or to play with your heart, i am too old for that. I am here to find my soul mate. I am a very spontaneous person. I tell you what's on my mind when I feel it and this has made me a very honest person naturally. I believe life is like a book, people who don't travel just read only a few pages. So it is possible I relocate unknown reasons in the future. I'm also a very optimistic and open minded person. Being optimistic and open minded has always attracted people to me naturally. I smile a lot because my life is good.

What I am looking for

I am looking for someone I can share life's experiences and grow together in faith and love. My ideal match is someone who has a zest for life, someone who can have laugh and have fun but at the same time, he most be responsible and serious. Someone with whom I share a strong physical and emotional connection. In the long-term, I believe that it is essential that we share similar values and that we have excellent communication with one another.if you are interested. I'm looking for the right person who shares great chemistry with and who could become the love of my life. I know how to enjoy the journey along the way and If I meet the love of my life... then even better!