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    Yes, living elsewhere


I get along with pretty much everyone and try and give everyone respect. Yet it dose take awhile for me to open up and get to know me. I moved to Brooklyn New York to be an illustrator with a two year plan. Get in get out. well thirty years later, I'm still out here.

I was born in California but grew up in Utah, Yes I'm what most call a Mormon. No! not the ones with more then one wife.
So no I'm not trolling to add to a harem. One will be sufficient. I don't drink, smoke, have premarital sex.
Dang! I know right! What a commitment. (Wait that dose not mean I don't like sex! Just means I have values and beliefs. ) Isn't that what a marriage is? I know this probably will make most of you swipe left. That's ok.
just keeping it real.
I'm not perfect or place judgement thinking I'm better than anyone. I'm not pushing my beliefs on you.
We all have choices, this works for me.

I'm recently divorced after 23 years of marriage. I have two fantastic boy's who are out of the house.
I'm taking things all in stride and finding my way, It's all good!

What I am looking for

I'm Looking for the one who makes me ask how did I get so lucky. Someone to keep me young.
Someone honest, compassionate, Hardworking, fun, sexy, creative,
God fearing, adventurous, loyal, young at heart and happy. (Wow is that too much?)
Opinions are welcome.